The horrors of Banoi Island should have been left behind, with safety finally at hand, but some threats come back menacingly. Now the heroes find themselves once again trapped amongst the ultimate zombie apocalypse, and a raging monsoon promises no true safe haven. As the threats grow from every side, the struggle may be the only element keeping the hopes of survival alive.
MULTIPLAYER: Evolved co-op multiplayer with new targeting communication features to streamline strategies.

NEW CHARACTER: Introducing John Morgan, a new fifth playable character who was inspired by the original Dead Island mod community and is a self-trained master of hand-to-hand combat.

NEW ZOMBIES: A new line-up of terrifying zombies have evolved, attacking from unexpected places and with surprising new methods to keep players on their toes.

NEW LOCATIONS AND WEATHER CONDITIONS: Survive the outbreak aboard the military warship, plunge into the heart of darkness in the Palanai jungle, and battle fiercely in the devastated town of Henderson, all under the fury of a raging monsoon that offers no respite.

COMBAT: An enhanced combat experience that rewards players for repeated use of their weapon style of choice, and new hub defense missions that leave players scrambling to build defenses to fend off the unrelenting waves of zombie hordes that only grow stronger.
Platform PlayStation3
SKU D1048