Welcome to the new Square Enix MEMBERS Rewards program where once again, you’ll be able to accumulate points to redeem for exclusive items that can’t be found anywhere else! Over the next couple months we’ll be making a lot of exciting changes and announcing more details about the epic prizes that will be available to you through the program, but for now, please have a look at some frequently answered questions to get you up to date with the new program.

  1. What is the MEMBERS Rewards Program?

    The MEMBERS Rewards program is a loyalty program integrated in the new Square Enix Store that gives back to our loyal customers for shopping and participating in activities planned throughout the year.

  2. What’s new about the Square Enix MEMBERS Rewards program?

    Unlike in previous years where MEMBERS needed to save up their points at the end of the year, the new MEMBERS Rewards will be a year long program that allows you to redeem your points when you want and for what you want. Our goal is to reward not only the most die-hard fan of Square Enix, but also to lower the barrier of entry for all our fans to take advantage of this program. We’ll also be introduce some epic rewards that have never been done through our program so stay tuned for these upcoming announcements!

  3. How do I obtain points for the MEMBERS Rewards Program?

    Points are obtained through a variety of methods across our Square Enix networks. Mainly through the Square Enix Store, MEMBERS will be able to receive points from purchasing eligible products, entering sweepstakes and other activities throughout the site.

  4. How long are my points valid?

    Points will not expire on your Square Enix MEMBERS account for one year after the time of your last point earning activity.

    i.e. If you received 25 points on January 1st of this year, but don’t receive points for other activities on the site for the entire year leading into January 1st of next year, your balance of points will expire. However, by obtaining MEMBERS points by December 31st of this year, you’ll automatically extend the expiration of all your MEMBERS Rewards Points until December 31st of next year.

  5. When will I be able to redeem my points for rewards?

    The next phase of our MEMBERS Rewards Program is scheduled for Spring 2015. For the time being, we are working behind the scenes to bring back some amazing prizes and to ensure that all the kinks are worked out on our new platform.

  6. How do I redeem my points?

    Since we are integrated into the Square Enix Store, the redemption of rewards will follow the standard checkout process using your rewards balance to obtain certain prizes.

  7. What happened to my old “MEMBERS” account?

    In 2013, we migrated all North American “MEMBERS” accounts to our global “Membership” account. Due to this merger, our MEMBERS Rewards Program had to be put on hold while our team in North America developed a brand new Square Enix MEMBERS Rewards platform.

    In 2015 with the relaunch of the MEMBERS Rewards Program, we are implementing a brand new MEMBERS page through the Square Enix Store. This process allows for our new program to have a fresh start without having any potential issues with account migrations or ghost accounts.

  8. What happens to old MEMBERS Points cards?

    Previous MEMBERS Point cards are no longer supported on the new system. Our system is automatically integrated into the Square Enix Store to instantly reward points and no longer requires a unique code to earn points.

  9. I have items that are currently on preorder. Will it be eligible for MEMBERS Reward Points or do I need to reorder the item?

    Preorders taken prior to the February 17th, 2015 on the Square Enix Store are only eligible for MEMBERS Rewards for FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 (game and music soundtrack) and the Final Fantasy XIV Delivery Moogle Plush. Points will be added once the products have shipped. To ensure that you receive your points, please sign up for a new Square Enix Store account using the same email address used to preorder these products. Once done, please allow up to a week for our systems to verify the new account information.

  10. Where can I get the latest updates about Square Enix MEMBERS?

    Be sure to follow us on our social networks for the latest updates.

Last updated: February 17, 2015