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We are pleased to present the third set in the STRUCTURE ARTS line of plastic model kits by Square Enix.

In Vol. 3, we are featuring the TYPE 90, VYZOV, GUST, and GRILLE SECHS designs from the FRONT MISSION franchise. All of the FRONT MISSION STRUCTURE ARTS are designed at 1/72 scale, so they can be used in conjunction with military miniature figures and diorama displays of the same scale.

Once again, we made sure the torso, arms, lower body, backpack and hand-held weapons are cross compatible between all the models, plus each model has a total of four hardpoints on the shoulders and arms, allowing you to attach weapons or shields. Additionally, there are utility parts included so you have the option to equip or simply carry your artillery.
Build it as-is, paint it whatever color you please, try various ways of assembly, customize the pieces to create your own original unit, set up a diorama – with so many options to choose from, we hope you find your own way of enjoying these.

TYPE 90, a highly durable general-use Wanzer which was utilized in various scenarios up until the Second Huffman Conflict.

GUST, Less durable but highly mobile, the GUST was used primarily for shoot-outs.

VYZOV, built in the Republic of Zaftra, is a highly durable unit equipped with a high-output engine.

GRILE SECHS , boasts great agility and high accuracy.

TYPE 90: one (1) extra head, one (1) rifle, one (1) machine gun, one (1) shotgun, one (1) gatling gun, one (1) grenade launcher, one (1) turbo backpack, and a set of utility parts
GUST: two (2) extra heads, one (1) extra chest part, one (1) extra shoulder armor, two (2) rapid-fire cannon parts, one (1) machine gun, one (1) shotgun, one (1) item backpack, and a set of utility parts
VYZOV: one (1) extra head, one (1) machine gun, one (1) shield, one (1) bazooka, one (1) grenade launcher, one (1) rod, one (1) turbo backpack, and a set of utility parts
GRILLE SECHS: one (1) extra head, one (1) rifle, one (1) machine gun, one (1) shotgun, one (1) rod, one (1) rocket launcher, one (1) backpack, and a set of utility parts

Material: Polystyrene/Nylon, Polyamide

Item Size:            
TYPE 90:                 W 2.8” x D 1.6” x H 3.3” (118 pieces)
GUST:                     W 2.6” x D 2.0” x H 3.0” (122 pieces)
VYZOV:                   W 2.9” x D 1.9” x H 3.5” (123 pieces)
GRILE SECHS:        W 2.8” x D 1.8” x H 3.8” (119 pieces)

Release Date: September 2022

*Models come unpainted & on sprues
*Fully built and/or painted versions shown in the product images; assembly is required.
*Release date is approximate, any changes will be updated on the page

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