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This new necklace featuring an Articulated Mr. Mew from Neo: The World Ends with You, is made out sterling silver! It is the perfect accessory for any Gatto Nero fan, plus Mr. Mew can be posed on display when not being worn.
Pendant Size:  L 1.16” x W 0.06” x D 0.04"

Chain Length:  21.7"

Box Size: L 4.13” x W 2.99” x D 1.38”

Material: SV925 Black coated Sterling Silver

Release Date: February 2022

  • *Discoloration can occur with excessive moisture and sweat.
    Please refrain from using while exercising or bathing.
  • Release date is approximate.
  • Please be aware of potential release date changes which will be updated above.                
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