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These FINAL FANTASY XIV Studium Notebooks are sure to be a handy companion in your adventures!

The set includes 4 notebooks themed after different study areas, perfect to use wherever your adventure takes you! Each notebook has 48 pages to write on, tailored to its respective subject.
Each notebook has a themed cover containing Japanese text only.

■Studium Notebook (Creative Writing)
You can doodle, or do some math, or create a to-do list... this notebook is completely blank, so, just think of all the wondrous possibilities!

■Studium Notebook (Classical Studies)
Practice your Eorzean alphabet in this notebook! It may help you decipher the poetic writings you see on various maps, posters and dungeon walls.

■Studium Notebook (Applied Ethics)
Use this notebook to jot down your strategy for beating challenging content or observations from your practice runs, so you can revisit it during your next attempt!

■Studium Notebook (Practical Studies)
Keep a journal of your adventures - from all the fun you had, to the tears you shed, or just a simple recollection of the mundane.

Material: Paper
Dimensions: Approximately W 7” x H 9.9”

Release Date: July 2021

  • Release date is approximate.
  • Please be aware of potential release date changes which will be updated above.
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