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From FINAL FANTASY XIV, we bring you a new fashionable face mask that can be casually used on a daily basis!

 The design incorporates a black base color with a subtle embellishment of the meteor icon. The length of the ear loops can be adjusted, making this item suitable for both men and women. With a double-layered construction using cotton fabric, this mask gently fits around your face.

*This product is not a surgical or medical grade mask. This product is not designed or intended to prevent any health condition, including COVID-19. This product is intended for general public use only.
*Can be hand-washed for repeated use

Material: polyester/polyurethane, cotton
Dimensions: Approximately W: 8.5” x  L: 5.3” (excluding ear loops)

Release Date: July 2021

  • Release date is approximate.
  • Please be aware of potential release date changes which will be updated above.
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