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Autographed by: Keiichi Okabe / Yoko Taro

Music from the NieR series, richly arranged to celebrate its 10th Anniversary, will be available in CD form!

The year 2020 marks ten years since the release of NieR Gestalt/Replicant. New orchestral arrangements of music from the series will be included in this album to commemorate its 10th Anniversary. 

Tracks are planned to include a careful selection of music from NieR Gestalt/Replicant and NieR:Automata. In addition to the orchestra, a portion of the tracks will feature vocals by Emi Evans and J’Nique Nicole. 

Enjoy these magnificent NieR tracks, befitting of its anniversary.

Early purchase incentive: NieR Orchestral Arrangement Album - Addendum Special Disc

Contents: Includes music newly arranged for the NieR Orchestral Arrangement Album - Addendum Special Disc.

Release Date: March 2020

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Track List
1. Ashes of Dreams (Emi Evans & J'Nique Nicole Vocals)
2. Emil (Addendum version)
3. Deep Crimson Foe
4. Song of Ancients (Emi Evans & J'Nique Nicole Vocals)
5. Kaine (Addendum version)
6. City Ruins (Addendum version)
7. A Beautiful Song (Emi Evans & J'Nique Nicole Vocals)
8. Copied City
9. Crumbnling Lies - Front
10. Weight of the World (Emi Evans & J'Nique Nicole Vocals)

[Special Disc]
1. Alien Manifestation (J'nique Nicole Vocals)
2. Peaceful Sleep
3. Vague Hope (Emi Evans Vocals)
Genre Soundtrack