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This Square Enix West Store Exclusive Figure set includes the six main characters, Duran, Angela, Kevin, Charlotte, Hawkeye, and Riesz!

Each character is presented in vibrant colors and posed wielding their signature weapons! 

When lining up the figures, you can choose your favorite team and can recreate the party with which you embarked on your in-game journey. 

* Pop-Up Display included with purchase on all orders before 4/8/2020.

This set will compliment any fan, big or small of the Mana universe.

Figure size:
                        Duran:       H 3.14”
                        Angela:      H 3.07”
                        Kevin:         H 3.00”
                        Charlotte:  H 2.17”
                        Hawkeye:   H 3.07”
                        Riesz:          H 3.14”

Materials: PVC Figure Set

Release Date: May 2020

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You can position your party with the cardstock pop-up style display included with purchases of TRIALS OF MANA 6 CHARACTER FIGURE SET!

The display comes with the original Japanese title text and a tiered map of the world that will enhance any shelf.

Be it showing off the whole set or your select favorites from your in-game journey, either way you’ll enjoy Trials of Mana’svibrant world even more.
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