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■ The “Revival Series” brings back memories, making you want to play the games again!
In line with the concept of “bringing back to life the adventures from back in those days,” this “revival” soundtrack series brings you the original music and gameplay visuals from the original releases of these games.

In this new edition, we’ve included different handpicked scenes from the entire storyline that integrate well with each of the tracks.

Of course, we’ve included classic selections that will make you say, “Exactly! No other dialogue reminds me more of this music!” as well as various scenes that will make you want to pick up the controller once again.
■MP3 Audio files included!
MP3 audio files are included in the Blu-ray disc soundtracks released by SQUARE ENIX MUSIC.

By using PCs with a Blu-ray disc drive or by using download functions when playing the disc in a home network environment, you will be able to download the audio files to your PC, smartphones, or portable audio devices for you to carry around.

You now have various options to enjoy music that accommodate to your lifestyle and living environment!
SKU SQEX-20067