FINAL FANTASY XIV Compact Card Mirror Fat Chocobo

Presenting a new product that originally debuted at the Japanese Fan Festival in 2019!

Use this FINAL FANTASY XIV-inspired mirror to help you out in numerous every day situations! Discretely dislodge food from your teeth, help with the application or touch-up of your makeup, or any one of hundreds of other uses! The mirror comes in three different designs and is small enough to be stored virtually anywhere!

Product size: (Moogle) approx. 64mm x 67mm, 1.3mm thick
Materials: Polycarbonate, paper

Release Date: September 30th, 2019

Release date is approximate. Shipment may take longer if the parcel contains an import product and faces delays due to customs and duties.
Also, please be aware of potential release date changes which shall be announced on the website.