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One-Time Passwords are available as a means of further securing your Square Enix account. Users can make use of the freely available Square Enix Software Token (iOS/Android), mobile software authenticators (Google, Microsoft, etc.), or by purchasing this physical security token. Learn more about one-time passwords and how they help secure your account:

A Square Enix Security Token is a device for displaying One-Time Passwords used to provide an optional, additional layer of security for your Square Enix Account.

One-Time Password describes a six-digit number shown on the screen of the Square Enix Security Token. One-Time Passwords are only effective for a fixed period of time and become invalid once the user logs in, making them exceptionally useful against spyware such as key logging programs. By using a One-Time Password in combination with your Square Enix Account and password, you will be able to further secure your account.

Linking a security or software token to your Square Enix Account with an active Final Fantasy XIV service account will give you the option to designate one aetheryte of your choice as a free destination. Teleporting to your free destination will incur no gil fee. Moreover, you may change your free destination as many times as desired.

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Release Date: July 2nd, 2019

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