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Track List
1-1The Prelude3-1Cosmo Canyon
1-2Opening - Bombing Mission3-2Lifestream
1-3Mako Reactor3-3The Great Warrior
1-4Anxiety3-4Descendant of Shinobi
1-5Tifa's Theme3-5Those Chosen by the Planet
1-6Barret's Theme3-6The Nightmare Begins
1-7Hurry!3-7Cid's Theme
1-8Lurking in the Darkness3-8Steal the Tiny Bronco!
1-9Shinra, Inc.3-9Wutai
1-10Let the Battles Begin!3-10Stolen Materia
1-11Fanfare3-11Win/Place/Show Chocobo!
1-12Flowers Blooming in the Church3-12Fiddle de Chocobo
1-13Turks' Theme3-13Jackpot!
1-14Under the Rotting Pizza3-14Tango of Tears
1-15The Oppressed3-15Debut
1-16Honeybee Inn3-16Words Drowned by Fireworks
1-17Who...Are You?3-17Forested Temple
1-18Don of the Slums3-18Listen to the Cries of the Planet
1-19Infiltrating Shinra3-19Aerith's Theme
1-20Fight On!3-20Buried in Snow
1-21Red XIII's Theme3-21The North Cave
1-22The Chase3-22Reunion
1-23Dear to the Heart3-23Who...Am I?
2-1Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII4-1Shinra's Full-Scale Assault
2-2On Our Way4-2Attack of the WEAPON
2-3Good Night, Until Tomorrow4-3The Highwind Takes to the Skies
2-4On That Day, Five Years Ago...4-4Secret of the Deep Sea
2-5Farm Boy4-5Provincial Town
2-6Waltz de Chocobo4-6From the Edge of Despair
2-7Electric de Chocobo4-7Other Side of the Mountain
2-8Cinco de Chocobo4-8Hurry Up!
2-9In Search of the Man in Black4-9Launching a Dream into Space
2-10Fort Condor4-10Countdown
2-11Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony4-11Open Your Heart
2-12It's Hard to Stand on Both Feet!4-12Mako Cannon - The Destruction of Shinra
2-13Trail of Blood4-13Judgment Day
2-15Continue4-15Birth of a God
2-16Costa del Sol4-16One-Winged Angel
2-17Mark of a Traitor4-17The Planet's Crisis
2-18Mining Town4-18Ending Credits
2-19Gold Saucer

2-20Cait Sith's Theme

2-21Desert Wasteland

Released 2019-07-24 00:00
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