Take part in the next saga of the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online with the next legendary expansion pack—SHADOWBRINGERS!

Explore breathtaking new environments, encounter exotic new races, master exciting new jobs, and fight alongside prominent characters with the new Trust system as you embark on a new journey as the Warrior of Darkness!

With over 16 million adventurers worldwide, join the next chapter and become what you must. Become the Warrior of Darkness!

Release Date: July 2nd, 2019

  • Please note that the FINAL FANTASY® XIV: SHADOWBRINGERS expansion pack also includes FINAL FANTASY® XIV: HEAVENSWARD & FINAL FANTASY® XIV: STORMBLOOD, which will be provided at release on July 2, 2019.
  • Please note this is the Mac version of the game.  If you are playing on PC please download the PC version.
  • New jobs
  • New playable race
  • Level cap increase from 70 to 80
  • Journey through expansive new areas
  • New primals
  • New beast tribes
  • A plethora of new dungeons to explore
  • Challenging new 8-player raids
  • An exciting new series of alliance raids
  • Tackle dungeons solo while fighting alongside prominent characters with the new Trust system
  • Relive the adventures from your past with your current level and gear via the New Game+ system.
  • The Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard - In the aftermath of the Dragonsong War, Disciples of the Hand and Land work together to rebuild Ishgard
Pre-order and receive in-game bonus items before the official launch of Shadowbringers!  Items are planned to begin distribution starting on March 1, 2019 at 12:01 a.m. (PT).
  • Early Access to Shadowbringers
    • Pre-order FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers at participating retailers and redeem your pre-order code during the specified period to receive early access. Early access is tentatively scheduled to begin on Friday, June 28 at 2:00 a.m. (PDT) and will allow users the ability to play Shadowbringers before the official release!
    • To be granted early access and play the new contents from FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers, users need to be playing FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood and have completed certain quests.
  • Baby Gremlin Minion 
    • There is nothing more invigorating than venturing into unfamiliar lands with a baby gremlin nipping at your heels and bad mouthing your every move.
  • Aetheryte Earring
    • An earring modeled after the aetherytes found in towns across the land. Please do not attempt to teleport to yourself.
    • This useful earring features attributes that will vary according to the user's class/job and current level when equipped. Additionally, the earring grants a 30% increase in EXP when worn, perfect for leveling your jobs to 70 in preparation of Shadowbringers!
      • The bonus effect will only apply from level 1 through 70.
      • Equippable only by Disciples of War or Magic classes and jobs.
Regarding the End of 32-bit Support for Mac®

Square Enix support for the Mac 32-bit version of FINAL FANTASY XIV will end with the start of early access for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers, currently scheduled for late-June 2019.  

FINAL FANTASY XIV may still be accessible through the 32-bit application even after support has ended, and Square Enix may respond to requests for technical support for the 32-bit application, but such accessibility and support may be limited and is not guaranteed.

Square Enix plans to support a new, 64-bit version of the FINAL FANTASY XIV application with the start of early access for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers.  Square Enix is scheduled to switch to the 64-bit version of FINAL FANTASY XIV for Mac on June 6, 2019. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, we hope to provide an early release of the 64-bit application in late-May 2019.

Below are the minimum system requirements we believe will be needed for the new Mac 64-bit application:

Minimum System Requirements
OSmacOS Mojave 10.14.2
Free Disk Space60GB
GraphicsAMD Radeon™ R9 M295X or higher
Recommended Screen Resolution1600x900
InternetBroadband Internet connection
Communications portIf you are using a router, please set up your ports so that the below packets can pass through.
[Ports that may be used]
TCP:80, 443, 54992 - 54994, 55006 - 55007, 55021 - 55040

Since the 64-bit application is still in active development, Square Enix cannot guarantee specific release dates or minimum system requirements at this time. We will provide more detailed and finalized information about downloading, installation, and exporting configuration settings for the new 64-bit application at a later date.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
How to register FINAL FANTASY XIV Online on Mac

For new customers who purchased the “FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Starter Edition” or the “FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Complete Edition”, download the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online game client from the link below and follow the instructions listed below:

For existing customers who purchased the Shadowbringers expansion pack, log in to your existing FINAL FANTASY XIV service account from the official Mog Station page from the link below. Select Your Account and choose the "Enter the Registration Code for the Expansion" button. Here you'll enter the 20-digit MAC registration code that was provided to you at purchase.

Instructions for New Customers:
  1. Double click the “FINAL_FANTASY_XIV_ONLINE.dmg” setup file, then drag & drop the “FINAL FANTASY XIV” setup icon into the “Applications” folder to begin installation of the game launcher.
  2. Once installation completes for the game launcher, the “FINAL FANTASY XIV” game icon will be created on the desktop.
  3. Double click the game icon or run the application within the “Applications” folder and the game launcher will check for any updates.
  4. After you have successfully updated the launcher, follow the onscreen instructions and carefully read through the User Agreements in order to proceed registering FINAL FANTASY XIV Online.
  5. Please note that a Square Enix Account is required to play FINAL FANTASY XIV Online. If you do not possess a Square Enix Account, you will be asked to register one at this time.
  6. During the registration process, enter the 20 digit Registration Code you received with your purchase to complete the initial registration process when requested.
  7. To begin playing, enter your Square Enix Account username and password and select “Log In”.
  8. After logging in, the launcher will check for the latest game data. If necessary, the latest files will be downloaded from the network, and the game will be updated to the most recent version. This process is automatic, and can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours to complete. The estimated time remaining will be displayed under the download progress bar.
  9. Once the game has been updated, the “Play” button will be displayed. Click this button to start the game.