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Introducing the newest addition to the FINAL FANTASY XIV plush toy series—the spriggan! Give this adorable spriggan and his very-important rock friend a good home today!

The spriggan plushie also includes a bonus item code that grants users the "Stuffed Spriggan" furnishing in-game item.

Please note:
  • The stuffed spriggan is an indoor furnishing.
  • This stuffed spriggan cannot be traded or sold on the market board.
  • Stuffed Spriggan owners may lose access to the furnishing item under the following conditions:
    • If it is removed from the estate by another player.
    • If the owner leaves, or is discharged from, the free company.
    • When losing access to a shared estate.
    • In the event that the estate is demolished.
  • A service account for FINAL FANTASY XIV must be registered to your Square Enix account in order to use the bonus item code.
  • This item will be distributed to a single character of your choice on a selected service account.
  • The bonus item code can only be redeemed once.
  • Once registered, the bonus item code cannot be removed from your service account.
  • The bonus item code is a string of 20 alphanumeric characters.
  • Please be sure to enter your bonus item code accurately when prompted to do so.
  • Please do not lose the bonus item code, as a replacement code cannot be issued.
Item Size: W7.09” x D5.91” x H14.96”

Release Date: July 2018

Release date is approximate. Shipment may take longer if the parcel contains an import product and faces delays due to customs and duties.
Also, please be aware of potential release date changes which shall be updated on the website.
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