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From WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, TAMA makes her appearance to the Static Arts mini line!

In the WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, our protagonists, sister and brother Reynn and Lann, embark on an adventure through the magical land of Grymoire, where the tiny Lilikin folk live, in search of their lost memories. Tama, who acts as their navigator, is a mysterious being who looks like she came straight out of a fairy tale. Our designers recreated the bright colors scattered throughout Tama’s snow-white body through careful paint application. From her ribbons and the slightly peculiar expression of her pupils, look in her eye to the patterns and crown on her tail, to her ribbons, no detail has been the-spared!

Her small body is contrasted by her very large ears and tail. This cute and fluffy form has been carefully designed recreated in the design to highlight all of Tama’s charming characteristics.

Product Size: W 2.7" x D 3.9 x H 4.5"

Release Date: June 2017

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