Encyclopaedia Eorzea - The World of FINAL FANTASY XIV - [Book]
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Chapters -
  • The First Book: Hydaelyn – Delve into the realm of Eorzea and learn about the lay of the land, the world’s core elements: crystals and the aether, and the folklore of its denizens.
  • The Second Book: Her History – Look back on Eorzea’s history, from the first Calamity to the Dragonsong War.
  • The Third Book: Her Children – Take an in-depth look at the races that inhabit Eorzea, from both historical and anthropological perspectives.
  • The Fourth Book: Her Lands – Study the city-states, their cultures, organizations, and leading players, in addition to surrounding lands and notable landmarks.
  • The Fifth Book: Her Servants – Read about the characters and organizations of Eorzea. Find out how each organization came to be, what they endeavor to achieve, and what motivates their loyal members.
  • The Sixth Book: Her Disciplines – Study the world’s various professions and their foremost practitioners, in addition to those professions’ origins, fighting styles, and gear.
  • The Seventh Book: Her Burdens – Gain insight into Eorzea’s beastmen, their cultures, customs, and deities—the primals.
  • The Eighth Book: Her Creatures – View detailed information on the realm’s myriad creatures, from the timid to the terrifying.
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