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With a black body and round eyes that emit a yellow glow, Shadows are a type of Heartless, creatures of darkness, that at times crawl on the ground or quietly follow the heroes around like a shadow. In contrast to its true nature, the Shadow Heartless has gained popularity due to its lovable and cute look. Now it makes its appearance as a Static Arts figurine! Through its stylized proportions from KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ, our designers have expressed the Shadow’s mysterious cuteness.

Featuring a unique black body with a bluish tint and a set of asymmetrical antennae, we made sure to match the figurine’s design with the footage seen in KINGDOM HEARTS games. Its arms and neck are also articulated to allow for this Static Arts to be lightly posed.

Product Size: W 2.66” x D 2.22" x H 4.6”

Release Date: April 2017

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