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Chirithy is a mysterious creature with a relaxed personality who guides the inexperienced Keyblade wielders, acting as their “caretaker.” One cannot help but be soothed by Chirithy’s carefree expression.

Taking great care in maintaining the colors within the game, our designers drew the lines on this Chirithy’s body with much attention to detail.

Despite the round silhouette, Chirithy shows its pride as one who attends to its duties with the slightly impressive cloak that it wears. The precious purse around its neck is carefully reproduced as well.

Chirithy’s neck can move from side to side to allow for a little bit of poseability, so that the collector may enjoy some expression of Chirithy’s character.

Product Size: W 2.52” x D 2.7" x H 3.8”

Release Date: April 2017

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