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Cartoon Violence
The stylish and inventive action puzzle game comes to Nintendo DS! As professional escape artist Mr.Esc, players must maneuver through burning buildings and sinking ships as they dodge disaster and save survivors along the way. EXIT DS makes a smooth return to the portable scene with all-new Touch-Screen functionality and over 100 stages to solve.
  • Simple touch control and DS portability combine to create an accessible and addictive action puzzle experience 
  • The art of escaping is enhanced by stylish characters and smooth animation 
  • Various companions, from adults and children to dogs and aliens, await the players’ commands as they make their way to safety alongside Mr.Esc 
  • Players can put their puzzle-solving expertise to the test with over 100 danger-filled stages 
  • A Wi-Fi ranking system enables players to compare their scores with escape artists around the world
Platform Nintendo DS
Developer Taito
Genre Puzzle
Languages English
SKU 90817