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This 4-disc music CD set contains songs from LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII, the latest installment from the FINAL FANTASY XIII series. Returning to the title after FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 are composers Masashi Hamauzu (FINAL FANTASY XIII and FINAL FANTASY XIII-2), Naoshi Mizuta (FINAL FANTASY XI, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2) and Mitsuto Suzuki (The 3rd Birthday, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2). We hope you enjoy the masterful works of these three composers for the conclusion of the FINAL FANTASY XIII series.
In addition, the initial run edition will come with a special premium case not found with the standard version. Not only is this an item to be simply enjoyed for its music, but it can be enjoyed as a collectors item for fans of the series.
?There is no difference between the contents of the limited initial-run edition and the standard edition.
?Initial-run premium case while supplies last.
Please note: the DLC voucher included in the initial-run edition is for the Japanese PS3 version of LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII and is not redeemable outside of Japan.
Thank you for your understanding.
Number of Tracks: 74
Total Length: 306m47s
Number of Discs: 4

* Please note that this is a Japanese import soundtrack disc.
SKU SQEX-10392-5