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Front Mission Evolved is the latest installment in the Front Mission Series, making a debut departure into a Third Person Action game. As Dylan Ramsey you will be faced with armies of enemies as you command and customize your Wanzer, a giant bipedal tank. Each Wanzer is equipped with massive firepower as you navigate the concrete mazes of cities, and travel as far as the frozen wastes of the Antarctic in massive battles that could cause a world war.
The year is 2171, and a new cold war has washed over the world as the countries of the world have gathered under two separate banners the U.S.N and the O.C.U. Giant towers called Orbital Elevators have been build from the ground into the sky, each offering unblinking surveillance the world over. Dylan Ramsey, a Wanzer engineer for Diable Avionics, is quickly swept up in a battle of geopolitical interests, and as he stands staring down the precipice of a world war he will unearth the truth behind a new enemy.
Released 09-26-10
Platform Xbox 360
Genre Action
SKU 90912